The Old Pub and the Women

Nathan Hall Jr. | World Oil Group

Lima, Peru is a beautiful city.  There are all sorts of hidden gems.  Pizza Street has several of those gems, including the Old Pub.  The Old Pub is an ex-pat pub.  You can find all sorts of individuals, including those working at local embassies, consulates, etc.  Nathan Hall Jr. likes to use it as a means to ‘make connections’.  By connections, we mean he would troll various individuals in the political and business niches spewing his usual lies in  fruitless attempts to lure them into his shit show “business opportunities”.  In many cases, he would even use lower-level employees (example:  a female secretary at the British Embassy in Lima) to try and work his way up the food chain.  Let’s just say there were some pretty hilarious rejections and interesting conversations that have occurred at the Old Pub.

As for the women that Nathan attempted to pick up for various reasons, it kind of makes you wonder what Grace Carlton  (Nate’s “girlfriend” and partner in crime) would think.  We could seriously share some of the many lies, drama and more in regards to Nathan’s thoughts on women and the women (yes, PLURAL) Nate has dealt with in Lima.  Because of Nathan’s illegal status in Peru, he’s got to use his girlfriend (nope, not Grace C.) and his roommate, Jorge Silva aka Jorge Luis Silva Davalos, to provide simple things like an apartment, cell phone, etc in their names since he legally cannot get these things himself.

World War 3 broke out in Nate’s love life last summer after Grace did some ‘due diligence’ on Nate’s love life in Peru while she’s been sitting in Floria waiting for that WOGI money to roll in.  Perhaps she stays busy reading all of the legal documents from attorneys and courts serving all of the current legal woes to her house (aka the actual home that she pays for and Nate claims as his own).  Remember the legal brief about Nathan’s felonies?  Nate’s history of using the homes of former girlfriends and friends is discussed more than once.  Our own personal knowledge of Nate’s current living situation and money loaned to him to ‘pay rent’ is merely an updated version of the same history.

So as you can see, Nathan Hall Jr.’s deceit is not just with his businesses, military career, immigration status, et. al.  It extends into his personal life as well…including the women, his friends, and even his own family.  Nathan knows NO BOUNDARIES.  We are a bit unsure as to if he needs a straight jacket or handcuffs more.

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