A New Scam in Time For Christmas!

It really is neverending when it comes to keeping up with Nathan Hall Jr. and World Oil Group scams.  Nate decided to jump on the Holiday train and offer up a present to the world.  I mean, how we can resist such a wonderful gift from Nathan himself?!?!  The man cannot bring himself to provide updated financials, the current information on all of these amazing projects he’s set up in Peru, or provide investors with who REALLY is part of World Oil Group CURRENTLY and who is not.  However, he is offering up this amazing emerald necklace! OMFGBBQ!  I’m excited.  Really…okay, not really.  But ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you about just how truly amazing this emerald necklace is.

Nathan Hall Jr. Emerald Scam

Back in May 2017, I mentioned in this blog that Nathan Hall Jr. attempted to sell me emeralds (i.e. an emerald necklace) after I had declined his attempt to sucker me into purchasing his broke down house.  Yes, he tried to sell me that necklace.  Needless to say, the paperwork was as sketchy as Nathan himself.  After the fact, I learned a few things about Nathan Hall Jr’s history with emeralds, sketchy emerald dealers, theft and more.

Who remembers Marin Spariosu?  He was part of that whole mess that landed Nathan Hall Jr. in federal prison for 5+ years.  Well, Nathan had mentioned in a conversation with myself and another person a little about the emeralds and Mr. Spariosu.  He was happy about Mr. Spariosu’s recent (2014-ish) issues with an emerald scam (and cocaine and other savory activities).  See, Mr. Spariosu had accused Nathan of stealing some emeralds once upon a time.  This was not a good thing for Nathan.  Ironically, according to court records, Nathan has quite the history of ripping off his cohorts.  Cute isn’t it?  Thieves robbing thieves.  We cannot make this stuff up.

So given what is in the court records, transcripts of phone calls that Nathan had with Marin Spariosu, his track record of ripping off his partners, and more … I think it is pretty safe to say that this emerald necklace possibly stolen.  That paperwork he shared, probably fake (as he has a history of creating fake documents too).  In fact, you’ll notice he has whited out some very significant information.

Emerald Scam - Nathan Hall Jr.

And who has a ‘private email sale’?  Really?  Nathan, it’s like you aren’t even trying anymore.  You are a joke.  Sadly, your scams have become so obvious that I believe more people are enjoying the laugh more than anything.  We aren’t complaining, however.  The google search results have been amazing for the traffic to this site.  So thanks!

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