Don’t Get Your Hopes Up About World Oil Group

World Oil Group | Nathan Hall Jr.

Yes, it has been awhile.  There are a few reasons for that, namely Nathan Hall Jr. not worth the energy or time.  But there are some other reaaaaally interesting reasons I cannot get into right now, but you are sure to hear about them as this summer heats up.  I promise a bigger and more detailed post soon, but for now just a quickie.

World Oil Group | Nathan Hall Jr.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Nathan Hall Jr. had a rundown house for sale.  Well, that house sold in mid-May 2017.  Conveniently around the same time World Oil Group became active and was reinstated in the state of Florida, as Satan’s Mouth Piece (aka SunshineSmiles) pointed out.  This obviously substantiates just how dire Nathan’s financial situation is. He couldn’t even put together the pocket change it took to reinstate WOGI’s status in Florida until he got this bit of cash.  That small chunk of change won’t go far or last very long.  Hey Nate, going to pay off those judgments you have against you??

I would just like to add a quick note.  When reading the Investor’s Hub WOGI Forum, I do hope most investors and readers know the difference between true due diligence and someone being a mouthpiece fed information directly from Nathan Hall Jr. himself (or perhaps Nathan himself pretending to be someone else … although, I don’t think even Nathan sounds as silly and desperate as this poor fellow he has sharing information on his behalf).  There has been so much misinformation posted by this person lately.  It does seem as though people are rather amused.  Perhaps he’s the WOGI court jester?!?!  Trying to distract us from the real bullshit going on.  REAL due diligence can easily verify that 99.99999% of what Nathan’s mouthpiece is posting is misleading … then again, when Nathan Hall himself is your ‘due diligence’, should we expect any less?  I would love to discredit each post right now, but why ruin the fun?  We can do that next time.

More to come.  Trust me.

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