Excuse Our Mini Vacation …

World Oil Group | Nathan Hall Jr.

Sorry for that interesting redirect (Nate’s IP kept refreshing on the site so we had a little fun, although we did instruct our programmer to redirect to a site that would annoy him, that particular gem was not what we had in mind).  I am sure Nathan would love for you all to believe it was “hacked” and this site is bad for you.  It’s perfectly safe and you can check the code yourself.  Nathan just doesn’t want you all to come around and gather information so he will use his scare tactics.

Our brief absence was intentional as we discussed some legal matters with legal counsel.  And now we are back.

Within 3 minutes of the original post to iHub (now deleted by whomever), Nathan Hall (aka and his million names on iHub) went a little crazy with emails and attempted phone calls and threats.

Now, my response to Mr. Hall.

I hate to break it to you but that NDA became unenforceable from the moment the lies started, not to mention, it’s jurisdiction was only limited to Peru and a few other legal reasons (you really should obtain a real attorney and quit pretending to be one).  However, that is irrelevant at this point.  But please, feel free to involve the SEC.  I would welcome the opportunity to speak with them, especially about all this information being already available to the public.  I have so much I am dying to share with them (you know…documents, photos, emails, chat logs, recordings, etc).  Perhaps we should all get together over a cup of tea and I could provide the SEC names of others you lied to as well, including high-ranking officials.  I’m fairly certain I would NOT be the one walking away with cuffs on.

I could share so much more.  But that all depends on you, Mr. Hall.  Whip up another conspiracy theory to attempt to save face.  It’s what you do best. Or sit back and hope I have found satisfaction in this and can now walk away and forget I ever knew you and your cohorts.   Honestly, this has been therapeutic.

Bye, Felicia. – Ice Cube

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