Dr. Samuel Armacanqui Mystery

Stabbed in the Back

If you haven’t noticed by now, several names seem to come and go in the World Oil Group saga.  Nathan Hall seems to have problems with being able to retain partners.  He either screws them over or they eventually find out the truth on their own.  People have been asking for some time now about Dr. Samuel Armacanqui aka Dr. Sam.  As per Nathan’s usual silence, no answers have been provided.  There’s a reason for that.  While Dr. Sam remains listed on World Oil Group’s Website, he has had absolutely NOTHING to do with the company for over a year…approximately June 2016-ish.  Like others, Dr. Sam got wise to Nathan’s schemes and exited stage left.

Those photos of talks Nathan Hall gave to what seemed like a room full of oil professionals?  Those were students of Dr. Sam.  They were from a class.  No high-ranking oil execs or anything of the sort.  Just Nathan trying once again to impress the world with his fakeness.  After Egypt, Dr. Sam and his family returned to Lima, Peru with his family  and, at Nate’s urging,  they ‘partnered’ up.  However, because Nathan is in Peru illegally, he could not form World Oil Group South America.  Dr. Samuel Armacanqui set up the company in Peru.

Dr. Samuel Armacanqui

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Dr. Samuel Armacanqui

As you can clearly see, Dr. Samuel Armacanqui is the ONLY legal representative and officer for WOGI South America.  This means that when he walked away from Nathan Hall and World Oil Group (USA), he took WOGI South America with him … and there isn’t a single thing that Nathan can do about it.  Nathan Hall falsely represents himself as CEO / President of WOGI South America.

So what happened?  Why did Dr. Sam walk away from World Oil Group?  Remember when Nathan Hall was attempting to work something with Maple Energy aka Maple Oil and Gas in Peru?  Let’s just say that Maple didn’t much like Nathan either.  They were, however, very interested in Dr. Sam and what he brought to the table.  Things went sour for a variety of reasons.  I have personally heard from Nathan himself (and from two other individuals who were once part of WOGI) different versions of what went down.  In the end, however, Dr. Sam left any partnership (which was never documented or put on paper) with Nathan Hall.  Nathan tries to claim that Dr. Sam owes him $10,000 USD.  However, promises were broken and Nathan never paid Dr. Sam money owed in regards to the remediating formula.

That brings me to the next question.  Since things ended terribly and Dr. Sam is gone (presumably with his remediating formula), does that mean that World Oil Group no longer has the right to market the remediating formula?  Is that way we no longer hear about the formula and WOGI turned its attention to the Port Project and other schemes?  Investors should ask these questions.

As of yet, not one single project or partnership that Nathan Hall touted on social media and news releases has come to fruition. In fact, all of those connections and relationships no longer exist.  Nothing will come of them.  Nathan is now attempting to rebrand with his Onyx Duo Global aka APAC America criminal cohorts.

Investors Beware.

P.S. Beware of LinkedIn Profiles created by 3rd party individuals.  A certain someone has a habit of creating LinkedIn Profiles for other individuals to favor WOGI.  In some instances, the individuals portrayed on those LinkedIn Profiles were not even aware of those profiles having been created.